Common Wealth Clay Pvt Ltd is the first mechanised clay tile manufacturer in South India. The Common Wealth Clay Pvt Ltd. was started in the year 1870. It is the only certified heavy clay processing unit still. It’s situated at Mangalore and is known for the availability good quality clay. The Common Wealth Clay Pvt Ltd is almost one and half century old.

High Quality

Common Wealth Clay our quality is our identity. Our experience, precision engineering and our standards of mixing and training of our staffs and

Value for Money

Common Wealth Clay blocks are manufactured with end user in mind, this ensures that in comparison to quality traditional brick work or block work, our blocks deliver more value for money on


We use less water and ensure our manufacturing processes do not put undue pressure on our planet. Our bricks are engineered to last a lifetime and can be effectively re-used by carefully

Terracotta Tiles Dealers and Suppliers in Mangalore

Common Wealth Clay Pvt Ltd terracotta tiles are durable, affordable, and hard. We also provide a variety of terracotta floor tiles, terracotta roof tiles, and terracotta jaalis in india.