About us

Common Wealth Clay Pvt Ltd, South India’s pioneering mechanized clay tile manufacturer. Established in 1870, we hold the distinction of being the region’s first and only certified heavy clay processing unit.

It’s situated at Mangalore and is known for the availability good quality clay. The Common Wealth Clay Pvt Ltd is almost one and half century old.

Our Branded Tiles, bricks and blocks are known for its quality and the brand enjoys No: 1 position as far as roofing tile and other clay building materials are concerned. Any builder, engineer or architect who believes in quality, invariably choose our clay products.

From our inception, we rigorously adhere to quality principles. Collaborating with experts and professional agencies, we ensure the continuous excellence of our products. Through extensive research and development, coupled with strategic geographical significance, we maintain the No. 1 position in delivering top-notch clay products you can trust.

With all these centuries long efforts The Common Wealth Clay Pvt Ltd imparted geographical significance to Mangalore , which later came to be known as the cradle of clay tile industry.

An experience which spans through, almost 200 years have helped Common Wealth Clay Pvt Ltd fetch big business achievements from Gulf and Europe markets apart from the domestic markets. Common Wealth Clay Pvt Ltd have introduced a lot of products which are now turned out to be standard designs in the whole of the country.

We are proud in getting associated with you as a customer, as a channel partner or as a well-wisher and you can be proud you are being associated the masters of the Industry. Well; you’ll like it for sure.


To be the best Tiles Manufacturing solutions company.
Recognized by clients for Creativity in Thoughts, Approaches, Solutions and Finished Products.
We believe in striving to deliver quality furnishing services to our Clients within their schedule and budget.


To offer affordable furnishing and styling services with unique products that will make every one of our projects stand apart from others.

It is our mission to operate our business with care, honesty and integrity. We leverage all of this knowledge to act as trusted advisers to our clients.